Non-Disclosure Agreement Kudoz

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Although English is generally used as a commercial language in the world, it is often not sufficient for the translation of special agreements. Do you want to spend your esteem for customers in China to live? We would like to accept the translation of your documents into standard Chinese or Mandarin. An overview of the most requested languages is available here: Summary. In short, the pair of languages and type of text in question, the design and quality of the MT system, the characteristics of the BRUTE MT output and the intended use of the revised final text interact in complex ways to dictate the actual level and effort required by PE. But this equation still leaves room for uncertainty from the post-post editor`s point of view, because it is quite common for the texts translated by the machine to have an uneven quality: for example, in a 10,000-word translation project, 10% of MT`s gross expenditure can (almost) be perfect without the need to improve the situation. , 30% could not be saved even with a large PE (i.e. it is better to re-translate all these passages). , and the remaining 60% may require different forms of interposition (for example.B. a preposition must be changed into one sentence within the same paragraph, a final termination contract in another, but an entire dependent clause is otherwise poorly translated and totally incomprehensible). It is easy to see that the MOU can become a demanding activity and the effort it requires in terms of skills and time is often difficult to predict and convert into clear tariffs, which can be charged to customers with a transparent pricing system. It goes without saying that we also respect confidentiality agreements. Before the start of our contract, if you wish, we will provide a signed confidentiality agreement. For more information, just send us an email.

In addition to standard contracts such as employment or lease agreements, confidentiality agreements must also be translated. We would like to accept the translation of these confidentiality agreements (NDAs) for you in any language you need. Email us your text or fill out the application form.