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With so many service options out there for Video Production it can be hard to navigate which one will best suit your company, firm or association. We want to help clear the clutter and show you that integrating cutting-edge technology via video production not only benefits your organization, but sets you apart from everyone else.

We specialize in the following 3 areas of Video Production: Corporate Video Production, Training & Education, and Sales & Marketing. Let’s take a moment to discover what BPN Media can do for you.

Tip: When used on websites, videos encourage visitors to stay 2 minutes longer and have a 64% better chance of those visitors making a purchase, than other sites.

Our Most Popular Types of Videos

  • Promotional & Advertising Video
  • Informational Videos for employees or clients
  • Corporate Communication Support
  • Training and Education Videos or Libraries
  • Conference Video or Webcasting
  • Event Video

Looking for something else? Let’s Chat! With so many tools, technology and talent at BPN Media, there is no limit to the video solutions we can provide to meet the needs of your unique organization.

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Corporate Video Production

Imagine Corporate Video Production as the umbrella to most of our video creation with Education & Training, and Sales & Marketing being integral parts of that big picture.

As the Internet becomes an integral part of our everyday lives, conducting and promoting our businesses via that outlet has become vital. Today we see corporate videos being used internally for employee training
purposes or creating awareness among employees. We also see promotional videos, video testimonials, or product demonstrations being used to attract potential clients or customers and build brand recognition. The options for Corporate Videos are virtually endless and can easily be done by combining the right materials and taking advantage of one our powerful services and products.

Consider one of the following BPN Media services for your next Corporate Video:

– Live Studio Production
– Conference and Event Videography
– Creative Video Production
– Editing & After Effects
– Voiceover Production

Education & Training

Are you looking to create training or informational videos, webcast live corporate events or conferences, or create an entire on-demand educational/training library for employees or clients? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at BPN Media, we want to help you enhance your internal and external communication, and ultimately give you the keys to run a successful business.

Educational Videos

With the evolution of Multimedia, the roles of educators have also begun to evolve. The ability to create and distribute videos to support e-learning, mobile learning or distance learning has changed the presentation of education in both corporate and academic settings. Podcasts, videos, animation, interactive presentations and other video technology have proven to be very powerful tools in motivating, engaging and instructing students and professionals. Your classroom or conference room just got a whole lot bigger.

Training Videos

Training videos have found their way into the corporate environment in a multitude of outlets. Today we see them used for Customer Service Training, Interpersonal Communication, Diversity and Respect, Leadership and Management, Employee Motivation, Personal Development, Healthcare Training, HR, and Legal Updates. Video can enhance your internal training like never before. However, training doesn’t have to be limited to your employees. Help train your customers to use your products, trouble shoot, or understand processes crucial to your services. Video production can improve your customer’s experience and your overall customer retention.

Consider one of the following BPN Media services for your next Educational & Training video:

– Live Studio Production
– Online Webcasting
– Onsite Production and Webcasting
– Conference and Event Videography

Sales & Marketing

It is crucial in today’s environment to set your company apart from your competition. Your potential clients are undoubtedly bombarded with emails, links, and websites every day. So why choose yours?

With Video, you have the ability to demonstrate your product with ease or show the benefits of the services you provide with greater clarity. Never before has video been more important in the process of projecting your brand. Whether you are in need of a promotional video for your site, an embedded informational video to project your brand, or a series of video testimonials, let BPN Media help. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what is a video worth?

Consider one of the following BPN Media services for your next Sales & Marketing video:

– Live Studio Production
– Online Webcasting
– Onsite Production and Webcasting
– Conference and Event Videography

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