Agreement On Sanitary And Phytosanitary Measures Slideshare

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17 Equivalence Article 4 Accept the SPS measure from other members as equivalent, even if the importing member, other than his own exporting member, objectively demonstrates to the importing member that its measures achieve their adequate level of protection from the SPS – “equivalence” is not “equivalent” importing member, appropriate access to inspection/ervalence agreements – members consult on request with the objective of: 8 SPS Convention Animal Health and Plant Health of All Member States In order to protect members from arbitrary or unjustified discrimination based on different health and plant health standards In order to preserve the sovereign right of each government to establish an adequate level of protection, i.e. to allow countries to set their own health and safety standards 19 transparency notification obligations Article 7 Members , all health and plant health provisions adopted or proposed notify notifications in the absence of an international standard or in the event of significant differentiation or significant effects on trade, including notifications when urgent health protection problems arise… 10 SPS Agreement – Fundamental Rights and Obligations (Article 2) The right to the application of the sanitary and plant health measures necessary to protect human, animal, plant or health measures based on non-discriminatory scientific principles Trade restrictions disguised 44 members of harmonization base their health or plant health measures on international standards, guidelines or recommendations, if they exist. Allows stricter standards on the basis of scientific justification However, countries applying strict standards (aflatoxin, v.cholerae) -Test method (V.cholerae-Norway) Even within the EU, different NS/methods 16 zones free of article 6Aadaptation of SPS measures to regional conditions, including areas free of disease or free of disease, The exporter will demonstrate the diversity of climatic conditions and different pests, diseases or food safety conditions to lead to the development or imposition of different SPS requirements (appropriate access to inspection/verification) 14 Cautionary Article 5.7 Law: Obligation: Take interim measures in case of insufficient scientific evidence Commitment: Can it ask the reasons for spS measures if export limitation is based on more objective measures Risk assessment within a reasonable time 41 Role Strengthening Modernization-Automation ,computerization (website) – Transparency Infrastructure in particular Laboratory buildings and equipment 25,Guide 65 Rationalization of activities in existing systems Study on the role of EIC in the context of the WTO Human Resources Strengthening (HR-QDC) Interaction with regulators of equivalency agreements – all free trade agreements , which plays A role in the technical assistance of the EIC – 8 projects with the EC-2 agreement on the application of sanitary and plant health measures (SPS) Negotiations in parallel with the major negotiations on agricultural trade that came into force in 1995, apply to all measures to protect human life, flora and fauna and health that may have a direct or indirect impact on the FAO report on the impact of the SPS agreement on India.