Abraham Accords Peace Agreement

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The agreements bear the name of Patriarch Abraham, considered a prophet by the religions of Judaism and Islam and traditionally considered the common patriarch of the Jewish and Arab peoples (by Isaac and Ishmael). [6] Committed to ensuring the sustainable peace, stability, security and prosperity of their states and to developing and improving their dynamic and innovative economies; They also thank President Donald Trump for his peace efforts and pragmatic approach. The same goes for his plan for the Middle East peace process, better known as the Deal of the Century, previously developed in January 2020. The text contains information on the opening of embassies, the exchange of ambassadors, etc. It`s a great marketing step, although I would have preferred the Isaac and Ismael Summit or “The Glove Contract.” “The Abraham Accords” is grandiose for a number of reasons, including the fact that what was signed yesterday is not even a peace treaty. Peace agreements are reached between thought parties and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have never been at war with Israel. My personal preference would have been to use the great weapon itself, Abraham, the father of monotheism, for a peace treaty between Israelis and Palestinians, which would be the thing that effectively ended this conflict in the Middle East. The News International reported that Pakistan, after consultation and consideration of the pros and cons of the evolution of Pakistan`s national interests, would take a position on Israel`s water-of-life agreement. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi avoided speaking on the sensitive issue. [85] On 16 August 2020, the Financial Times wrote that instead of bringing about peace, the agreement will exacerbate the Palestinians` sense of despair and create more problems in the future, as the Israeli and AMERICAN authorities “have shown no interest in a fair solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” [165] The education agreement signed by universities in the United Arab Emirates and Israel is an important step in this direction.

It offers opportunities for scientific diplomacy and dialogue that allow people to find common ground and new common moral agreements. It also shows that both countries are committed to peace. Belgian Foreign Minister Philippe Goffin said he welcomed the agreement as a step towards a peaceful Middle East and added that the suspension of annexation plans should be continued with the two-state solution. [110] Josep Borrell, the Union`s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, welcomed the agreement as beneficial to both nations and as important for stability in the Middle East.