Terms Of Israel Uae Agreement

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THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY reacted with hasty by recalling its ambassador to the United Arab Emirates to protest the agreement and calling for an emergency meeting of the Arab League to express its opposition to the agreement. A5: The Emiratis have created a multitude of possibilities. Not only will the Israelis strive to reach agreements on Emirati terms, but the Emiratis have also improved their relations with Democrats and Republicans in the United States at a time of highly polarized politics. I also expect the Emiratis to have American weapons systems that they have long wanted. Israelis gain emotionally because they will feel less isolated in the Middle East; they can get something from the Emiratis in terms of investment capital and intelligence. In a joint statement by Trump, Netanyahu and Zayed, it was said: “This historic diplomatic breakthrough will promote peace in the Middle East region and is proof of the courageous diplomacy and vision of the three heads of state and government and the courage of the United Arab Emirates and Israel to take a new path that will unlock the great potential of the region.” [24] The United Arab Emirates stated that it would continue to support the Palestinian people and that the agreement would maintain the prospect of a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine. Despite the agreement, Mr. Netanyahu said that Israel`s sovereignty over the Jordan Valley was still on the agenda and was only frozen for now. [24] 5. Cooperation and agreements in other areas: as an integral part of their commitment to peace, prosperity, diplomatic and friendly relations, cooperation and full normalization, the parties strive to advance the cause of peace, stability and prosperity throughout the Middle East and to unlock the great potential of their countries and the region. To this end, the parties conclude bilateral agreements as soon as possible in the following and other areas of common interest, to the extent agreed: – Finance and Investments – Civil Aviation Services – Visas and Consular Services – Innovation, Trade and Economic Relations – Health – Science, Technology and Peaceful Uses of Space – Tourism, Culture and Sports – Environment – Maritime Arrangements – Telecommunications and Posts – Agriculture and Food Security – Trump`s Opponents in the 2020 US Presidential Elections , welcomed the agreement because it “builds on the efforts of several governments to promote greater Arab-Israeli openness, including the Obama-Biden administration`s efforts to build on the Arab peace initiative.” [42] And the agreement has flaws. The agreement – the result of lengthy negotiations promoted by the United States – covers various areas such as energy, tourism, investment, security, telecommunications, health and technology.