Tesla Distribution Agreement

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g) No tips. Neither party will offer or tip to induce any natural or legal person to enter into, perform or perform the contract or any other agreement between the parties. (set “assistance-items”) (preferred digital drawing format) and must continue to help understand and implement the specifications of support items. Supplier must provide a complete parts list that reflects the assisted items manufactured or produced, including the supplier`s part number and supplier`s or manufacturer`s part number for purchased assisting items and Tesla`s part number for cross-references. The supplier provides a list of recommended spare parts with the corresponding prices for all parts lists up to the lowest level. All specifications of support items are the exclusive property of Tesla. All changes to processes or parts lists must comply with the terms of this Agreement. Where Supplier purchases support items from sub-animal suppliers, Supplier agrees that after being notified in writing by Tesla tesla, supplier assigns such agreement between supplier and sub-animal supplier to Tesla and that supplier does not assign any agreement limiting such assignment. (c) updating business processes. Tesla is steadily improving its business processes. In this context, Tesla has the right to modify any installation, with the exception of Appendix 1, by notifying the supplier in writing or by other electronic means. All amendments to Annex I shall be made by mutual written agreement of the parties, (i) general insurance. Each party represents and warrants: (i) that party is duly organized, valid and reputable in accordance with the laws of its jurisdiction; and (ii) the performance and provision of this agreement by that party and the performance of its obligations under this Convention (1) does not violate any provision of the Charter, the statutes or any other relevant document of that party, or (2) in the event of a breach of another agreement or arrangement to which that party is bound, causing a violation or delay.

(b) the supplier`s obligations at a lower level. The Supplier shall ensure that all sub-animal suppliers have signed written agreements with the supplier which oblige the sub-animal suppliers to take any action required by the sub-animal suppliers by any other provision of this Agreement and to comply with the following provisions: `Sales of ordinary shares under the private equity distribution agreement may be made in ordinary brokerage transactions, on or through an en Market Maker, on or through the Nasdaq Global Select Market or any other marketplace where securities may be traded, on the extra-marketable market, in transactions traded by the private sector, in bulk transactions, in transactions considered “for market offers” within the meaning of Rule 415 of the Securities Act or by a combination of such selling methods. . . .