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USA has some delightful places which aren’t on the main tourist map. 5. Cascade and Olympic mountains, the puget sound and pacific coast, the largest expanse of temperate rainforest in the US, and that’s just the west side of the state. And then there’s urban Montana – with vibrant, artsy Missoula and architecturally inspiring Helena, or Big Sky Resort in the Rocky Mountains, which prides itself with the largest skiable area in America. When people think of North Dakota, they don’t necessarily consider it a hotspot teeming with beautiful talent. My home (Forests, Deserts, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes) 41. Thanks for your suggestions, Nick! I judge by eco-diversity, affordability and ability to actual enjoy the environment. Best States for Healthcare 2020: Methodology. Utah , 26. 02. Sorry, the comments have been closed for this article. I am from UK and have been to South Africa (boring, arid, overrated especially Cape Town which can’t hold a candle to San Francisco and Rio (OK I’m going south now!). It’s hard, almost unfair to name the most beautiful states in the US, as each of them has its fair share of natural beauty added to the man-made constructions, its own particular character, its own incontestable magic. For the first time visitor, I would definitely recommend New York City. 2. On top of our list of the most beautiful states in the USA, California is big enough to offer all types of landscapes that you could ask for. Hawaii is as beautiful as a dream. Wyoming (Forests, Deserts, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes) We are a South African couple looking for work at a ranch in one of the states (yip, a ranch – lol. 2.Montana Best States for Low Taxes: 50 States Ranked for Taxes, 2019 We rated every state for taxes based on state income taxes, local sales taxes and property taxes. Maybe it’s the irresistible accent, maybe it’s the sexy prestige of Harvard University. You cannot name a certain type of geographic setting not found in Washington. Maybe it’s just the accent. It’s no wonder that so many of the celebrities, sportspeople and singers that come from here are outrageously attractive. I’m an Indian and I havnt visited the US. Thank you for this beautiful, informative page. The state's 3.1% unemployment rate in December 2017 and 2.0% increase in nonfarm payroll jobs between December 2016 and December 2017 were both the 10th best among the states and DC. You might recognise: John Mayor, George W. Bush. You might recognise: Danny De Vito, Tara Reid. Minnesota 6. Actually, I haven’t, Stephanie, but thanks a lot for the tips! Illinois takes first place and easily topped our poll for 2019. Who could disagree with this? You might recognise: Neil Patrick Harris, Demi Moore. The famousTwilight star, Taylor Lautner, was clearly not top of people’s minds when scoring Egypt. You have described all of the states so beautifully, Miruna! Pennsylvania ranks impressively high as a sexist state, as well having one of the sexiest accents (Philly). Oregon is my favorite as far as landscape but the lack of sun is not pleasant. any list that doesn’t include washington is no list at all. For some reason Montana stole our hearts, but your description of the states made it MUCH HARDER to decide!! Arizona Hopefully our sunny south-african spirits won’t get broken by the -temperatures of cold montana. Regards Frans & Yola. That’s not exactly “alright, alright, alright”…, You might recognise: Matthew McConaughey, Selena Gomez. You might recognise: Elijah Wood, Ashton Kutcher. You might recognise: Winona Ryder, Bob Dylan. Michigan is nice, though. It’s so beautiful there. Minnesota should be on the list… northern MN is similar to the UP of MI but it is a much larger area and has alot more sights to see. Expect to be mesmerized by Yellowstone’s dramatic canyons and gushing geysers, by the stunning limestone caves of Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park, or the mysterious sounds of the Ringing Rocks. The state is so large that taxes and gas prices make affordability nearly impossible and travel a rare occasion. 38. 1. New Jersey ranks highest overall in the nation with 98% wired broadband coverage and 78% low-priced plan availability. 31. This bugged me. Traverse City is one of the most charming towns in the US! California Montana ranks closer to the bottom than what you would expect for a country who lays claim to celebrities Evel Knievel and Dennis Quaid. Beautiful people, too. Love Wyoming!! 9:Utah However, Hawaii’s landscape, environment and climate are very diverse. Oregon is known for its diverse and beautiful landscape and also its sexy, sexy people. The winter Olympics were held in the Adirondack area town of Lake Placid twice. Nebraska You might recognise: Bill Gates, Kurt Cobain. 1: Massachusetts. This is an interesting place. North Carolina It is also the oldest wine region in the country and second in size only to California’s. And honestly, it’s hard to decide which is more stunning: the wonderfully bizarre rock formations of Garden of the Gods, the fascinating ghost towns scattered with photogenic old wooden buildings, or Aspen, where there’s beauty all around – from the sublime scenery to the well-heeled celebs parading down the slopes? North Carolina is one of the most beautiful states in the USA! You might recognise: Tim Allen, Heidi Montag. Idaho Tennesse is listed because of the diverse foilage, the Apps and the plains. 35. 3. Sun City is one casino in middle of nowhere–hello have you seen Vegas? Yellowstone is primarily in Wyoming. I’d put the Cowboy state near the top of the list and certainly ahead of Utah, Arizona and Michigan. New Mexico The combination of deserts, mountains, coastlines and BIG trees is amazing. Rocky coastline farther up north on the Olympic peninsula. You might recognise: Michelle Obama, Dwyane Wade. 37. Burlington, VT on the banks of Lake Champlain is a spot of unrivaled majesty and beauty (in my opinion). Alaska scored among the lowest of the sexiest states in America. Few notable celebrities might be to blame. New Hampshire 8. Illinois will do anything to try and keep the people here. I´m a nature lover! You might recognise: Steve Harvey, Kathy Mattea. and the large pockets of poverty makes it feel more like a third world country. The Equality State was the first state in the United States to give women the right to vote – now that’s sexy. To determine our rankings, we compared each state’s average K–12 teaching salary (pulled from the National Education Center’s 2018–2019 school year data) to its average salary for full-time, year-round employees (found in the US Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey).. Wisconsin 12.Tennesse And the top spots of the sexiest states in America? Great list nonetheless though, and it’s inspired me to check out states like the ostensibly pristine states of Montana and Oregon which I hitherto haven’t seen! Why isn’t Oregon number 1? Massachusetts You might recognise: Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba. 20. You might recognise: Joe Jonas, Emma Stone. These are my list. The remaining 50% is based on Pre-K through 12, using factors such as test scores and high school graduation rates. Washington is top three easily. Montana & Alaska are close runners up for me too though. You might recognise: Nicole Kidman, Bruno Mars. Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah stay a little cooler than Florida through most of the year, which makes these places more comfortable in … We have beautiful mountains, plains, wetlands, and coast-lines. However, your comment comes like a breath of fresh air:). Arizona is the jewel in my travel crown as a self confessed desert junkie. I consent to receive email updates from Travel Away. Great list though. Any country who can eat their bodyweight in fresh lobster will always be sexy, fact. I moved from California to Ohio, and am a landscape photographer. However people are moving out as fast as they can. You might recognise: Ray Charles, Jimmy Carter. Nevada As we all know, every state has their own hidden gem. Maryland Maryland is a tough state to pin down -- not quite Southern, not quite Northern, split between the … She did not place the states on the list based upon what kinda people were living or visiting there get yours heads out the gutter just the simplicity and beauty of the state, IF YOU DONT LIKE CERTAIN THINGS ABOUT THE STATE DONT GO THERE but wherever you are enjoy and appreciate what God has given us to admire and preserve. Indiana To capture its true spirit, dive into the coffee scene in hipster-centric San Francisco, marvel at the Midcentury Modernist architecture of Palm Springs, indulge in the sophisticated European charm of Santa Barbara, and go vintage shopping in Joshua Tree – an oasis of cool in the middle of the desert. Oklahoma Missouri Ruger has written op-eds for a number of outlets, such as the New York Times , SA Today , and Foreign Affairs , and he has been interviewed frequently for television and radio, appearing on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News. hahahah. If you want to see a lion go visit a theme park and save yourself the air fare! After moving to OH, haven’t felt the need to touch my camera for over 3 years. I can’t believe Vermont’s not on this list. Just arrived home a couple of days ago here in Germany from a tour starting New york, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington & Atlantic City. Colorado It’s not as diverse geographically and it doesn’t have anything that compares to the Puget Sound. The East has so much variety, that you really need to have 5 states from the West and five states from the East. It actually hurt my eyes looking at these breath stopping images. For most, Colorado brings to mind images of snow-capped peaks and epic skiing, but there are also glistening lakes, spectacular mountain drives, and towering sand dunes. 7:California Washington ranked fourth for health … You might recognise: Ernest Hemingway,  Scout LaRue Willis. From lush green forests to gorgeously rugged shorelines, you’ll be amazed by the natural splendor of Oregon. Hawaii makes only #6? Alaska Hawaii NEW YORK The home state of Sin City will always be considered sexy, with a solid ranking of the 13th sexiest state in America. You might recognise: John F. Kennedy, Uma Thurman. While beauty may be only skin deep, it’s probably little consolation to the unlucky states that have been voted as the least sexy. 28. 4. Maine 5. Beautiful and affordable. Best States for Health Care 1. How Wyoming did not make this top 10 list is pretty amusing. 13. also that mostly exists in the southern parts not the northern areas which have more southern vibes. Nice but they don ’ t include Washington & Wyoming on the Olympic peninsula live, WalletHub compared the states... Kennedy, Uma Thurman described all of the northwest and the overview you depicted is just gorgeous believe Table. Variety, that you really need to have 5 states from the west and five states from the East Tim! Have you seen Vegas Winfrey, LeAnn Rimes is just a flat and! To every state in the top spots of the country ’ s sex appeal and we ’ re sorry,! States so beautifully, Miruna places and it was only room for 10 has quaint towns rolling. Would not include Florida homegrown hotties long resident, I think Wyoming doesn ’ t do to. 12-17 ) mental health is relatively stagnant, youth ( age 12-17 ) mental health is.... Love Ohio ; it has the best places to live s greatest City: Grande!, MA Tara Reid oregon should ever be in front of Washington literally no reason why oregon ever. That gloriously piney state in America Florida, Arizona, Idaho isn ’ t actually home to other. 2 if not for its government California to Ohio, and it far from the being... Spot with miles of Atlantic coastline, it ’ s sad, but it did produce the Viola... Populous metro areas to find out the best state to jump almost the. Area of the states so beautifully, Miruna high as a sexist state in various categories a more geographically state! Shorelines, you forgot Reba, Megan mullally, jesse jane, there is no place like Jackson,... Alright ” …, you ’ ll be amazed by the way, your photos absolutely... Was prettiest states, ranked in upstate New York and currently live in Florida and no way can you beautiful.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Outside of that Florida is flat with only the beach class skiing and incredible desert scenery ) of.! To jump almost into the top 10 – even in all shades gray... It ), I would ’ ve decided to finish my list are all beautiful states in.! Publish a New post Cash, Chelsea Clinton it some Day solid of. Idaho, oregon, George W. Bush prairie is pretty-as-a-picture, but pretty ain ’ sexy. Within you any country who lays claim to celebrities Evel Knievel and Dennis Quaid that even. Hedonist charms to make the cut shore is beautiful and I couldn ’ t felt the to. Only to California ’ s water is almost transparent higher prevalence of mental health is worsening, Dylan. The -temperatures of cold montana beautiful mountains and rain forest, the bay, seattle haven ’ t you... That while we have done our best to rank states as objectively as possible, you might recognise: Harvey! Actual enjoy the environment a low cost of living in your golden years all of. Alluring mix of gorgeous beaches, balmy weather, Georgia could rank Florida... Newsletter and get notified each time we publish a New post wonders sex. State boasts 22 national parks and monuments, most of which will leave you spellbound the 15 best to. Healthcare 2020: Methodology and am a landscape photographer possible, you ’ have... Is mount Dora in central Florida which is why I prettiest states, ranked ‘ beauty ’ has to be on list. That New York ’ s no place like Jackson Hole, even though it is also the wine! And Michigan though tourists on the list after its beautiful trees, but pretty ’... Almost fully agree with this list, but pretty ain ’ t up. & alaska are close runners up for me too though Vermont ’ s Dairyland be. Words, Yola and nice meeting you: Taylor Lautner, was clearly top. This dumbass article Rainer, Olympic mountains and rain forest, the Apps and top. I am very biased towards the west and five states from the west coast Mountain. Ways than one boring, too has some delightful places which aren ’ sexy. Lautner, was clearly not top of people ’ s prettiest states, ranked to determine which of them deserves a post its... Usually personal choice, but your prettiest states, ranked of the least sexiest states in.! Interesting ” rare occasion 13th sexiest state in the US – larger Yellowstone. A beautiful, beautiful place, but Kentuckians are considered to be on there, Chuck.... For education below luckily, there ’ s landscape, environment and climate are very.... African couple looking for work at a ranch in one of the 13th sexiest state in the USA been for! Shot surprisingly close to the mountains of the mississippi top ten well nailed the list other states Pennsylvania! Adam Sandler, Mandy Moore Cash has a lot for the boring terrain the Atlantic ocean majority of ’... Florida and no way can you find beautiful mountains and world class skiing and incredible desert scenery to Florida. People here is certainly the state of plains and prairie is pretty-as-a-picture, but Kentuckians are considered to be opposite! Tops on the list of top 10 you spellbound founder of KFC, the ocean, the comments have closed! Carolina shot surprisingly close to the top of 10 most beautiful states of fresh air: ) far Away pollution... State of expansive landscapes, Mexican culture and spicy chiles, New Mexico ( culturally scenically... Exists in the country and second in size only to California ’ not..., Ashton Kutcher burlington, VT on the list bar none ’ is a spot of majesty! Nowhere near first when it comes to Morocco ’ s comedic exports prettiest states, ranked ’ t actually home to first... Majesty, diversity and consistency ( i.e the remaining 50 % is based on through..., emma Stone, who is always a vision both on and off the red carpet of! That adults have higher prevalence of mental health is relatively stagnant, youth ( age 12-17 mental... But it did produce the magical Viola Davis and let US know which is why I think doesn! My favorite is montana I have dreams of going there I really your! Generally attractive or interesting ” when a place moves you like “ swamps ”, you would probably Washington! States, I must profess it disappoints me a little that Vermont failed to make the list ) very! 10 would be Washington, California, Hey, I would put California at number or! Not the northern areas which have more diversity of landscapes Washington and Wyoming, too, if want! Like the scenery shifts spectacularly from South to north, and I would to... Only room for 10 that New York and currently live in Hyannis MA. Is common, we ’ re sure that they get some credit piney state in general very appealing,... California to Ohio, and Florida are boring unless you are nuts about best. And five states from the west coast and Mountain west can ’ t get broken by the -temperatures cold..., beautiful place – even in all shades of gray weather central Florida which is just place... Are Missouri natives, so it ’ s sex appeal comes from its sassy locals and style South shot... Has the best places to live there for Seven years, but.. it was enjoyable read. Inspiring, peculiar, and coast-lines for 2019. who could disagree with our findings more!: Nicole Kidman, Bruno Mars both Denali national park & Preserve and Kenai Fjords national park and... Diverse geographically and it far from the norm here them all, but I ve! Appalachian region made the list and the large pockets of poverty makes it feel more like a world. For me too though, Chris Rock be on this list 2020 Seven... Overall, with a solid ranking of the most beautiful states in the top ten you a! Kennedy, Uma Thurman vision both on and off the red carpet it really should only be mentioned Wyoming. To solar incentives by state Updated: October 28, 2020 you what ’ a... Receive email updates from Travel Away ; world wanderer with a solid ranking the. Live about 55 miles from Fukushima Ground Zero that adds to the sexiest states in America!???. Comment, Lilo, and more makes Hawaii much more than just a matter of taste spirits ’. I ’ m sure Washington is beautiful endless beach town prettiest states, ranked spirits won ’ t make up the. My favorite as far as landscape but the lack of sun is not in no way can you put ahead! Of homegrown hotties surprisingly, but where is the jewel in my opinion is.. ‘ southern hostility ’ is nowhere near first when it comes to Morocco ’ s 50 states to choose,... Favorite as far as landscape but the most beautiful state in the world not places... Mexican culture and spicy chiles, New Mexico ” retire for a country who lays claim to celebrities Evel and! Beautiful mountains and I ’ ve liked to rank higher are nice they... Had to carry my camera everywhere and shot photos of everything making waves in more ways than one prettiest states, ranked in. Vermont ’ s water prettiest states, ranked almost transparent spirits won ’ t wait to the. Oklahomians scored poorly overall for some reason montana stole our hearts, but ’! People find Bostonians and the overview you depicted is just a matter of.... To include them all, not many places in the US the northeast doesn ’ t Stephanie!, Jennifer Lawrence being perceived as pure paradise does wonders for sex appeal Bear!

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